"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."~~St. Augustine

My Own Hero's Journey


My name is Betsy A. Pudliner. I have worked in the Tourism Industry for over 30 years and devoted my studies to this area. My own Hero's Journey has taken me to more than 44 of the continental United States, Germany and I have lived in Scotland for six and half years.


I believe that learning, education is about gaining insight into past/present knowledge but, also, about gaining confidence to use information in your own daily lives to achieve professional/personal goals and aims. I believe we seek understanding to develop a particular lifestyle that benefits ourselves as well as others. I believe that anything is an achievement, even a degree or complete failure. We must, as individuals, see the good in any situation and capitalize on the knowledge.

My Passions:

My research interests are focused in the field of tourism, technology and relationship management. They include marketing, branding, e-Marketing, e-Branding, e-Tourism, value chain management, and consumer behavior.

These interests extend to Internet/WWW development for hospitality/service sectors, especially small firms and entrepreneurs; Social marketing and media; database management and profit analysis, industry and consumer relationship building, cultural power promotion, training and development through e-Learning, virtual environment development and reflective practice.

Publications and Conferences/Exhibitions


Bill Bramwella; Zayd Mintyb; Tom Baum; Leonie Lockstoned; Betsy A. Pudliner; Jonathan Longf; Karen Schwartz (2009) ‘Book reviews’, Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and events, 1:1, 95-104

Pudliner, Betsy. A. Alternative Literature and Tourist Experience: Travel and Tourist Weblogs. Journal of Tourism and Cultural Change; April, Vol. 5.1, 2007


July, 2012: International CHRIE; Providence, RI Leaderships Academy: Assessment (Pandit, Pudliner) Curriculum Development (Deale, Pudliner)

May, 2012: DePaul University; Chicago, IL Use of Technology and Social Media in the Classroom I-CHRIE Central Federation Education Symposium

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Representative Course Examples

Student Project Examples:

FCS 3740: Professional Meeting Management Student Examples from B. A. Pudliner on Vimeo.

These are highlights of student examples from Spring, 2013 FCS 3740: Professional Meeting management. The purpose of the project was to engage the student in all facets of the meeting planning process: before, during and after the event. They were to utilize current technology in the research, design and delivery of their material. Any industry or corporate names highlighted within the documents are used for educational purposes only. As part of the process they were to identify sponsors that might be approached and utilized the revenue generating aspects of the exercise. Again, this is an educational exercise. ©2013



Presentation Examples:

Podcast: The Business Envirnoment

The Business Environment Podcast from B. A. Pudliner on Vimeo.

Powerpoint file for the Business Environment

Podcast of lecture on the Business Environment. Transcript




The laws of the heart are fickle. Why we love one place over another is wholly individualistic. What tugs at one heart, doesn’t another. Perhaps this lends credit to the thought that there is no perfection in the world. Perhaps we need to see past the labels, look beyond the obvious and accept places for what they are. Look for how it changes you, how it awakens your spirit and sets it free. Read More here


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